Tech Tips Newsletter - Why a Growth Mindset Matters

Editor: Karen Franker
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A Growth Mindset

Explore the benefits of promoting a growth mindset in learners of all ages, with an emphasis on understanding the brain as a trainable muscle. Discover implications for instructional design and learner motivation.

The Power of Believing That You Can Improve (Video:10 min. 20 sec.) 
Carol Dweck's TED talk reveals intriguing and empowering implications of adopting a growth mindset. 

Test Your Own Mindset 

New Research: Students Benefit from Learning That Intelligence is Not Fixed Mindset 
Ingfei Chen shares promising new research from Stanford University on the power of simple daily interventions to help learners understand their true potential for intellectual growth. 

Cultivating a Growth
The Delta Learns team describes 16 growth Mindset strategies to increase learner motivation and productivity.

Self-Assessment Questions for a Growth Mindset
The Global Digital Citizen team and Jackie Mindset provide questions for learners to self-assess barriers toward adopting growth Gerstein's behaviors.

Tech Tip: Design Interactive E-Newsletters with infographics

Beth Still’s 6-minute mindset shows how to create interactive digital newsletters with embedded videos and links, all with a free Web-based Smore account. Embed screencast documents in Web pages and share within Google Docs, Facebook, or Twitter.