Tech Tips Newsletter - iTunes U

Editor: Karen Franker
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Top Resources For Exploring iTunes U 

This newsletter explores how open education resources expand delivery to new audiences. Discover why iTunes U, MITx, the Khan Academy and others are changing how we think about course content and instructional design.

iTunes U: Free Education for the Masses
Nathaniel Mott explains the benefits of exploring the wealth of free resources available on iTunes U.

Hands On With Apple’s iTunes U: An Education
Darrell Etherington provides an overview of how iTunes U is structured, including screenshots of a typical iTunes U course.

Which University is #1 on iTunes U?
Tony Bates presents statistics on which universities have the most-frequently-downloaded materials on iTunes U.

iTunes U for Faculty
Ithaca College has created an extensive guide to assist instructors who wish to create digital materials for students to access on iTunes U.

iTunes U. vs. Blackboard
Juli Clover compares iTunes U with Blackboard and describes iTunes U’s better navigation and more user-friendly interface as key advantages.

ACSD on iTunes U
Mike Hohenbrink describes the new ASCD channel on iTunes U that provides free professional development resources to K-16 educators.

Tech Tip: 101 Web 2.0 Teaching Tools Every Teacher Should Know About

Jeff Dunn has created an excellent slideshow describing the best Web-based tools to create instructional materials. Browse his extensive list of tools to create timelines, graphs, games, posters, mind maps, flashcards, word clouds and more.