Tech Tips Newsletter - Creating Outstanding Rubrics

Editor: Karen Franker
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Designing Outstanding Rubrics

Consider how to creatively-design rubrics, enhance assessment and performance and view examples of outstanding rubrics.

5 Ways to Blow the Top Off of Rubrics 
Shawn McCusker explains how to create rubrics that challenge students to go beyond the basic requirements.

There’s (Not) a Rubric for That! 
Corinne Nicolas explores the three principles for effective rubric use as described by Turley and Gallagher (2008); namely, that rubrics should be about learning, tailored to the learning context, and serve as dynamic instruments.

How to Create a Rubric That Does What You Want It To 
Grant Wiggins clarifies the finer points of exemplary rubric design including holistic scoring, validity, and overall desired impact on learner performance. In addition, he explains why poorly-conceptualized rubrics kill creativity.

Interactive Rubrics as Assessment for Learning 
Michelle Lampinen describes how she builds creative and interactive rubrics that link to tutorials via URLs as well as QR codes. In addition, she lists six ways for any instructor to incorporate interactive elements in course rubrics.

Rubrics for Assessment 
UW-Stout’s rubrics provide ready-to-use models for assessing groupwork/teamwork, PowerPoint presentations, research projects, videos, eportfolios, and blogs. 

Authentic Assessment and Rubrics 
The University of Central Florida’s Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning provides a comprehensive list of rubric websites and examples for higher education.

Tips for Instructional Practice – Rubrics 
The Office of Instructional Technology at Purdue University provides examples of how to evaluate a rubric, and describes six key ways that instructors and learners benefit from rubrics.

Tech Tips:  How to Create Rubrics Using Google Form (Video 3:43)

Med Kharbach provides a link to a YouTube tutorial by Alex Gonzalez on how to create rubrics within Google Docs, and also notes that users can now insert videos and images in forms.