Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for an add-on certification program
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STEP 1: Application for Post-Baccalaureate Educator Certification

Submission of Application Packet:  (Responsibility of Applicant)

If you are seeking post-baccalaureate educator certification for Reading or School Counseling, please follow the links for information regarding their specific application processes.

All other post-baccalaureate educator certification applicants must submit the following:

  1. Application Form
  2. Copy of current or previous teaching license (if applicant does not have a teaching license, the transcript must clearly indicate licensure eligibility)
  3. A National Background Check is required prior to admission
  4. Score report documenting successful completion of the Praxis II exam, if applicable
  5. Score report documenting successful score of the Wisconsin Foundation of Reading Test, if applicable
  6. A current resume/vita
  7. Official transcripts for coursework completed at any university other than UW-Stout. These transcripts need to be sent directly from the previous institution(s) to UW-Stout.

Review of Application: (Responsibility of School of Education Faculty)

The application materials will be reviewed to determine the applicant's eligibility to pursue the add-on certification.  If additional information is needed, the applicant will be notified.

Eligibility to pursue post-baccalaureate non-degree add-on certification is contingent on the following:

  1.     Submission of the application form and required materials (see above)
  2.     Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75
  3.     Completion of an education degree at an accredited institution
  4.     Licensure eligibility
  5.     Satisfactory background check if applicable
  6.     Any additional criteria as noted in the certification plan

If an applicant is found ineligible, he/she will be notified as to why they are not eligible and their options for pursuing certification through enrollment in a UW-Stout degree program.

Development of an Individualized Post-Baccalaureate Educator Certification Plan:  (Responsibility of School of Education Faculty)

A transcript review will be conducted for eligible individuals to determine which previously completed courses can be applied toward certification and the additional coursework needed for certification in the area desired. This review will result in an individualized add-on certification plan.  The plan will delineate coursework to be completed for undergraduate and/or graduate credit and will include the assignment of a faculty advisor. In addition to coursework, students must meet all other requirements for certification, including successful completion of the Praxis II content area exam.  This process will take approximately three weeks and you will receive a copy of the individualized certification plan.

The individualized plan remains valid for students who enroll at UW-Stout in the term following their acceptance and remain as continuing students until the certification requirements are fulfilled. Students who are inactive for any period of time need to meet with their faculty advisor to determine the continuing validity of their individualized plan.

STEP 2:  Admission to the University

(Responsibility of Graduate School or Undergraduate Admissions Staff)

Upon receipt of your eligibility to pursue post-baccalaureate educator certification, a copy of your application and approval letter will be forwarded to either the Undergraduate Admissions Office or Graduate School for official acceptance to the University and post-baccalaureate educator certification.  The application will be processed and you will be sent notification regarding admission to the University and information on your UW-Stout e-mail account and course registration.  This process will take approximately 5-7 business days.

STEP 3:  Enrollment and Initial Registration

(Responsibility of Applicant)

Prior to registration, confer with your assigned faculty advisor. The applicant can now register for courses.