WiFAB Training Series

Now that you have fab lab equipment, what do you do with it?
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Summer Training for Fab Lab Teachers

  • Develop a fab lab curriculum
  • Understand how a fab lab is used to foster multi-disciplinary learning
  • Use simple problems to teach age-appropriate STEAM concepts
  • Consider your fab lab setup, training, and operation
  • Challenge students to identify the problem, imagine solutions, weigh ideas, prototype, and test
  • Hear how your fab lab can engage with industry and community members
  • Get a pre-workshop consult to understand your needs and post-workshop support!

$450 or $300 each if you bring a friend.

WiFAB UW-Stout
June 2024- Dates will be announced soon.       
Menomonie, WI

UW-Stout Campus
Vocational Rehabilitation Bldg.
221 10th Ave. E. 
Room 120 
Menomonie, WI  54751 

WiFAB Madison Area
July 2024 - Dates + location will be announced soon.   

Interested in taking this class for credit: EDUC 404?

Contact: Scott Revoir at revoirs@uwstout.edu


WiFAB Registration

Registration opening Spring 2024
Registration Closed
Chris Wiemer
WiFAB Retreat / UW-Stout

"Digital fabrication is wonderful for students to experience at any age. The idea that you can take your abstract thoughts and ideas and make a physical object out of them is very empowering.”  

- Chris Wiemer, Stoughton High School



Mackenzie Bennin WiFAB Retreat
Wisconsin Teachers at the UW-Stout Fab Lab / UW-Stout

"I knew very little about Fab Lab equipment or how to build a curriculum around that. But after this week-long workshop we've had and really diving into it and thinking about it, I feel like I am more prepared as an educator. And that is something I can bring back to my school and share with everybody there."  

- Mackenzie Bennin, Granton Area School District


WiFAB Grants and Resources

See how you can improve your Fab Lab and strengthen your students' experiences.