SGX.23 Senior Capstone Games

Amazing games created by Game Design and Development 450-451 (GDD) students and playable for the first time anywhere!
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ai gotta go

AI Gotta Go!

You are a robot who has gained sentience and has gotta go! Escape the factory and avoid the creators who want you destroyed.

Team Members: (Art) Tyler Christianson, Madeline Huc, Samuel Tackett. (CS) Zach Adamson, Joshua Armbrecht, Min Bucheger, Kyle Christensen, Dylan Hestwood, Logan Pribyl, Logan Steffen, Tim Wenzel. (Music/Sound)* Maximiliano Jaime, Lucas Guerra, Kaelen Anderson, Tomas Ortola. (Voice)* Ryan X. Messcher

Instructor: Seth Berrier & Karl Koehle



Bugby is a Rugby-inspired 3v3 team sport played by Goblins, set in a magical forest, full of hijinks, mayhem and fun. Each team tries to score the most points by carrying the Bugby ball into one of the many goals scattered about. Use the bouncy mushrooms, pits and platforms to traverse and play across the playground-like arena. But that isn’t just a ball, it’s a pill bug! And unlike the Goblins, it does not want to play this game.

Team Members: (Art) Ellen Aas, Michelle Bryant, Erin Hongerholt, Art Hytti, Omar Perez Chairez, Logan Webster. (CS) Brady Bogucki, Rebecca Denna, Bradley Haaning, Elliot Klenk, Joshua Krenek, Jaydon Pfab, Ian Springborn, Ryan Ungerleider. (Music/Sound)* Lucas Guerra

Instructor: Kim Loken, Andrew Williams & Michael Tetzlaff

constellation cleaners

Constellation Cleaners

In this two-player co-op game, players control Jade and Moo-na, a pair of space janitors who are bound by a tether and tasked with restoring the Milky Way Beach.

Team Members: (Art) Alexander Ewell, Hailee Kane, Ry Lawson, Melissa Neumaier, AJ Tenold. (CS) Noah Braun, Brock Blanck, Spencer Clark, Carter Gehl, Brandon Martinez, Jacob Zainer. (Music/Sound)* Zak Kaye, Anna Cooley, Kaelen Anderson, Tomas Ortola.

Instructor: Seth Berrier & Karl Koehle

divining rods

Divining Rods

Divining Rods is an explorative flow state rhythm fishing game. Explore a flooded world with old fish gods through your boat and interact with new people, fish, and fishing techniques to help bring back the near extinct fish of the zones you find in your travels.

Team Members: (Art) Lou Brown, Bailey Chumas, Chloe Ferguson, Tiffany Johnson, Adam LeMahieu, Ashton Musielewicz. (CS) Quinn Kientop, Luke Linna, Sam Schmitz, Abigail Smith, Lilly Sommer. (Music/Sound)* Allan Tan, Julian Cabrera

Instructor: Seth Berrier & Karl Koehle

grape juice city

Grape Juice City

A friendly but competitive couch party game for all ages! Play as tropical birds competing to splash pedestrians with your team’s juice in this match-based party game. Bounce around a tropical metropolis, gather fruit and recyclables, craft juicy drinks, and splash the people of Grape Juice City!

Team Members: (Art) Sam Baeseman, Joe Czech, Grace Eapen, Alex Hartz, Charles Heikkila, Maggie Marcinkiewicz. (CS) Jacob Fischer, Zachary Geyer, Jeremy Ivanauski, Isaac Moua, Noah Muhammad, Tucker Sandin, Sam Smith, Trevor Tengowski, Mark Tillman. (Music/Sound)* Lucas Guerra

Instructor: Kim Loken, Andrew Williams & Michael Tetzlaff

reapers isle

Reaper's Isle

You receive a concerning message from your daughter, a paleontologist stationed on a remote island. After making your way to the isle, you discover horrifying phantoms from the ancient world. Restore power across the map to gain access to the main laboratory where you’ll discover the fate of your missing daughter.

Team Members: (Art) Matt Bedsted, Trinity Beltran, Alex Drach, Jake McMahon, Raven Rohne, Kyle Solverson, Alex Stieby. (CS) Bryant Borland, Nick Casey, Brittany Hengst, Christian Hill, Zach Lubich, Jake Steinmetz, Tyler Svihovec, Rowan Verdouw. (Music/Sound)* Guidian Shturman Waiss

Instructor: Kim Loken, Andrew Williams & Michael Tetzlaff

skulls and scrolls

Skulls & Scrolls

Play as a magical skeleton that has come back to life to protect his ancient town from the oncoming horde of enemies as they attempt to loot your home.

Team Members: (Art) Bryr Harenda, Gavin Hefty, Elise Howard, Gillian Mousseau. (CS) Dustin Anderson, Matthew Hoover, Taylor Kinsella, Jackson Livesey, Jordan Lutz, Alex Mohr, Devlyn Nwokeuku. (Music/Sound)* Max Jaime, Antonio David Paton.

Instructor: Seth Berrier & Karl Koehle

* = Outside music collaborator