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University of Wisconsin Stout's Cooperative Education and Internship Program (Co-op and Internship Program) balances classroom theory with periods of practical, hands-on experience prior to graduation.  Our Co-op and Internship Program is centrally coordinated through the Career Services office in cooperation with the academic departments of the university. All degree-seeking students (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible for the Co-op and Internship Program.

Experiential Learning Co-Op at UW-Stout: Get paid to do what you love. / UW-Stout

The Co-op and Internship Program supports UW-Stout’s polytechnic designation by providing students the opportunity to experience an active and applied focus on learning in their professional field. The success of the Co-op and Internship Program is based on a framework of collaborative partnerships between employers, students, and the university. Participating in in a co-op or internship is not all about getting a job, but rather it is a programmatic approach to intellectual and professional growth and career success that demands continual learning and integration.

UW-Stout’s Co-op program started in 1982 and has grown to be one of the largest programs in the country.  Starting Fall 2020, we will be expanding our program to include a variety of positions including paid and unpaid positions with a wider variety of hour requirements which will improve employer access to programs connected to our government and non-profit sectors.  We currently enroll 1000+ students annually who work at 600+ employer sites. Our students are working across the USA in 35+ states and internationally.

Co-op and Internship Student Testimonials
Danielle Komro - Graphic Communications

The seven months I spent at Japs-Olson was the best learning experience I could have received. I am very grateful for the Co-op requirement UW-Stout has in place. If it wasn't for this experience, I would not have discovered my true passion.  

Jessica DuVal - Applied Science

This co-op allowed me to gain confidence in new laboratory techniques, network with researchers and other undergraduate students from across the country and gain experience in presenting research findings in a professional setting. I amplified intangible skills such as laboratory etiquette, listening and engaging in scientific discussions, and working well on a team that had many different levels of knowledge and education. 

Drake Gadbois - Packaging


The experience alone was something I will always cherish. To be able to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply that to real world applications was something that really drove me to succeed at this internship.

Rana Pluemer - Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management / UW-Stout

Beyond the technical skills required for the job, during my Co-op at Grand Geneva Resort and Spa, I learned that I am capable of persevering. I learned that I am capable of being independent, and I am strong enough to face anything that comes my way.

Josh Carr - B.S. Construction
Josh Carr - B.S. Construction

This Co-op proved that I am extremely eager to join the construction industry. I strived every day to work as hard as I could and learn as much as possible during my Co-op. I learned the skills needed to be a successful project engineer/manager. After graduation, I will continue to work as a Project Engineer for Kraus Anderson.

Bri Hanne
Brianna Hanne - Food Systems Technology

I’m very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work for Buffalo Wild Wings Culinary Innovation team. I am looking forward to graduating because I am very confident and excited to use what I have learned at UW-Stout along with the experiences and skills I have learned from the professionals at Buffalo Wild Wing – Headquarters.  

Kyle Lindberg - Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management

During my Co-op, I gained an incredible amount of knowledge in the hospitality industry but more importantly, I grew my leadership skills, built confidence in myself, and know that I am prepared for a future in this industry. I know the lessons learned in this Co-op will stick with me forever and Kahler Hospitality will always hold a special place in my heart. I am very thankful for this experience and I am now ready to begin my career in hospitality. 

Taylor Poss - Packaging

It seems impossible to tell you how much I learned in my time at Pepsico. Going into this experience I had no idea what to expect. What I learned during my two years in the packing program prior to this co-op does not even compare to what I retained in the 6 months I spend at Pepsico. There is nothing like throwing yourself into a business. They tossed me into the hustle of Quaker packaging from day one, thankfully I could swim.