Cybersecurity and Privacy Series

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Series

Calling all who own a computer or cell phone and interact with others personally and professionally!

You protect your physical and human assets (buildings, equipment, materials, wellness, and safety), but how well do these assets work without access to the information? How much would you pay if you lost this data? Do you have a plan for security?  Are you protecting your privacy and those you interact with?  Join us for a series of topics covering the importance of your data security.

Join the UW-Stout Leadership Institute, Manufacturing Outreach Center, and Cyber Defense Center for a series of interactive web series to learn UW-Stout’s cyber KISS method, Keep IT Security Simple! Your instructor is Dane A. Deutsch, of UW-Stout's Communication and Technology Department and Cyber Defense Center.

This series is designed for everyone who is interested in protecting their data and privacy with simple but highly effective approaches. 

  • Implement effective KISS strategies (Keep IT Security Simple)
  • Learn how to protect your privacy in the digital environment
  • Determine the business value of your data
  • Discover your current level of protection – KISS scorecard
  • Hear Lessons-learned stories from survivors
  • Learn to spot vulnerabilities and simple protections
  • Experience interactive competitions to find examples within your walls

The sessions are 90-minutes and open to all who want to learn more about how to protect their IT assets, data, information, and more. Cybersecurity and privacy are important for business and for personal protection.

Thursday, July 15 - Sorry, Gone Phishing! Simple email test of your company
Tuesday, July 20 - Password: admin!RUKIDDING2020? Authentication tips and tricks
Thursday, July 22 - Got You! Dark web scan and FREE awareness tools
Tuesday, July 27 - Measure What You Treasure: KISS metrics for executives: firewalls, logs, updates, and audits
Thursday, July 29 - The S&M of Social Media: Security and privacy on Facebook and LinkedIn.

9:00 AM to 10:30 (CST) 
Online via Microsoft Teams

You can attend all 5-sessions for $200.00, or individual sessions for $50.00 each, selected during registration.

Cybersecurity and Privacy Series

Online via Microsoft Teams

Dane Duetsch

Dane A. Deutsch
University of Wisconsin-Stout
College of Arts, Communication, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Communication Technologies and Communication Studies Dept.

Biography - Dane A. Deutsch