B.S. Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Do you like helping people and improving lives? Are you eager to make an impact?
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In the Applied Biology and Molecular Biology (ABMB) program, you'll work with faculty to solve real-world problems. You'll become a member of a UW-Stout team working to impact and improve human lives.

We apply cutting-edge research methods in creative scientific endeavors. ABMB projects have included the production of biofuels and the creation of commodities from waste streams. On the ABMB team, you'll assemble an enviable research portfolio. You'll graduate with the skills and knowledge for a successful career in genomic, diagnostic, medical and forensic fields. ABMB graduates work in government, academic, and private sector laboratories. Many graduates often enter graduate programs to receive training for career advancement.

Join us and together we'll explore, discover and create solutions to pressing societal needs! Use the Request Information form to receive a program summary and learn more about the Applied Biology and Molecular Biology program.

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Top reasons to pursue an ABMB degree at UW-Stout

  • Community of Scholars: Faculty eagerly share their research laboratories, knowledge, and teaching skills with students. Together, we will solve problems in synthetic biology, human health and disease, microbiology, immunology, protein chemistry, enzymology, and population biology. Become a member of this engaged community of scholars!
  • Courses: Recent molecular advances have fundamentally changed our understanding of living processes. You will use the tools of genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics to better understand life’s molecular processes and improve society. Our curriculum prepares you to use these skills ethically, responsibly, and effectively. 
  • Embedded Research: The ABMB program is infused with original research experiences. Instructors will guide you on how to plan experiments, generate data, and share results. You will become a highly engaged learner and be prepared to tackle diverse challenges in society.
  • Health Care Professions: You may also be interested in pursuing a career in health care. An ABMB degree uniquely prepares you for success in professional schools that lead to professional opportunities as physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, and biomedical researchers. Our graduates credit their UW-Stout training as key in attaining their goals.